Ebish-English Dictionary

Eben, at age 20 months, says a whole lot of self-explanatory words (mumi, wawtah, yaya (= grandma Ingrid), bubl, sitdow). However, there are a few that may not be so obvious. To help communicate with him, here are their english definitions:

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Beee Show!
Cheh chair Show!
Cheh Jess (his aunt) Show!
Dadi daddy Show!
Dadi dummy Show!
Dadi dog Show!
Gaay train Show!
Go Joe (his uncle) Show!
Gaga granny (Giselle) Show!
Gagá ganddad (Chris) Show!
<low growl>
hmmmmh hmmmmh
</low growl>
yoyo (grandad Miles) Show!
Kickbaw football Show!
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