The Wedding Photo Album

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The preparation for the wedding feast is officially underway Ingrid, Molly and Tim wrapping up the sugared almonds Even the groom-to-be has to put his back into it One of the Marquees being put up by Mike and Peter Theo checks out the future grandson-in-law's genes and vice versa Phew - Theo seems happy with Tamar's choice
Chris trying very hard (note the wine glass) to write his speech Jill, Tamar and Molly get to grips with ikibana Louis, Zac, Teo and Lola chatting on the sofa EXCLUSIVE - The bride getting ready! And she's ready to go - just the press call first! The bride, best woman, and parents-of-the-bride posing just before the off - unfortunately Luke is off chief ushering somewhere
Luke, Jonny and Bron in amongst the tents The wedding bender The campsite Tamar with Lola and Annie Miles having a quick run through of his speech Friends of the Roddis Family having a chat
Bunting and people Luke, Dom, Jane, Tamsin and Lola in front of the Marquee Sam, Heather and Jake hangin' Naidu and Dom chatting The groom already looking a little tipsy Venky and Jess
The gormless happy couple Tristan and Tamar Chris in full flow Sarah Dom humouring Chris! The best man just before his big moment
Dom again Mike and Megan enjoying the show The smiles say it all - pure happiness!! Dom and Trina looking stunning Chris and Tamar hugging Damon doing his bit!
Miles doing his speech for real this time! Hugs all round Like father like son Theo's turn and what a turn it was! Tristan is delighted with his sugar mouse from Annie Tamar and Theo hugging
Theo welcomes Tristan to the family Yikes, watch the tray Jill! Kate having a good look around Tristan snickering The cake Cutting the cake
En garde! Tristan and Tamar attack the cake Tristan thanking everyone and getting used to wearing his ring Tamar doing her bit Tamar is officially in! The mother of the bride about to snog her son-in-law Presents all round for making it such a great day
Cuddles and pressies for Trina and Mike without whom it couldn't have been done with such style The happy couple being happy with confetti Let the wild rumpus begin Ed and George Jill and Jim Joe and David
Those are real razor blades you know! Meg gets to grips with a straightjacket Humph gets a little tied up by his lovely assistant Meg Tristan examines Humph's chains Will he or won't he? Hooray!!!!
Meg taking control of the hoardes Meg, Mel and Theo Giselle chats to Ruth and Charlie Chris and Ali Jenny and Dom and Mike and Jonny talking Anne, Eric and Sange
Tamar, Mel and Nel Ruth and Jess The Schofers, Miles and Liz and a portaloo Jen and others milling Ingrid with University friends Anne and Sange Cicely and Tracy
Ingrid, Miles, Anne, Eric and Sange Tristan wandering - lonely as a cloud?? Surely not! Chris and Naidu Carry on camping People and the school house The house from afar
The nuptial bender (again) Jess and Terry The Famous Three do some sleuthing Lucy Anne and flowers Eric
Will doing his stuff on the drums Goronwy preparing to juggle Jim takes a turn on the drums The Dancing Queen? Tamar strutting her stuff The great wedding present opening - Thanks everyone! Happy Families
Thanks mum - Tamar and Giselle hugging Tamar and Tristan at Norwich airport off on their first honeymoon to Edinburgh!  BBBBYYYYEEEEE

Many thanks to Ian (plus Chris and Mike Albu) for the digital pics.

If any of you visitors have any other pictures handy, please send them to us. Thanks.

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