Tamar and Tristan's new baby

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11/4/06 1:40pm

Woo hoo! Caleb finally got the all clear and was released from hospital on Tuesday.

We are now all back home and enjoying being together as a family, finally.

You can now email the little fella at caleb@roddis.org.
9/4/06 10:25pm

The baby now has a name!: Caleb (pronounced KAY-lib)

He hadn't been feeding properly and so was subjected to the full onslaught of 
medical science. All seems well now, but both mother and baby have to stay in 
hospital until at least Tuesday morning, to wait for blood test results and to
complete a course of antibiotics.
7/4/06 4:14am

Tamar and Tristan have an (as yet unnamed) baby boy!

Born at 3:16 this morning, weight 3.58kg (7lb 13oz).

Mother and baby both well and hopefully home soon.

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