Not a lot here at the moment, but perhaps you're looking for:

Baby blog
News and pictures of our newest arrival, baby Caleb.

Eben's blog
Eben's very own website. Also see the older photo album of Eben pictures, as originally featured on wedding2000.org

Tristan and Tamar's wedding site
See the original wedding2000 site, complete with lots of Mexico stories.

New media in Brighton (UK)
Everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask

Android stuff
A place to put my Google Android things

Plone stuff
An few pages about Plone

Linux etc.
An area dedicated to Linux and other Free Software

A page about Quantum Electrodynamics

People I have been ripped off by
John Cole (johnccole@hotmail.co.uk) is one of them...

Why Free Software Changes Everything
An essay I wrote a while ago. Show it to your CTO, your CEO and anyone else who'll listen.

WordVault Anywhere
Read the proposal I submitted to Embedded Linux Journal for a teeny weeny talking dictionary/translator thingybob.