Tamar and Tristan's Mexico Honeymoon

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Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe
Tamar on our trip to Tlahuitoltepec.
Our Holiday
Tamar tells of our travels to the Oaxacan coast and Chiapas in November
Day of the Dead
Tamar explains all.
Mezcal Distillery
Tristan visits a mezcal distillery and eats barbecued goat.
Tamar's Walk to School
A pictorial odyssey.
Tamar's Day
Tamar waxes lyrical about what she does all day.
Mixteca Photo Diary
A brief account of Tristan's trip to the Mixteca region with Milpas.
Our Arrival in Mexico
The riveting tale of our arrival in Mexico City and then Oaxaca.

-Tamar and Tristan, December 2000.

Newsflash: Mexican president Vicente Fox visits Oaxaca on December 2nd. We get ringside seats.

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